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Brilliant brain to receive the higher frequencies

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We go on a journey together. On a journey of discovery. In and to yourself. To higher frequencies, new realities and to your true creative power. On such a journey you see all kinds of new things. You can perceive plenty of new information. At least, if your brain allows that information. When we are in our survival brain, that doesn't work. Then you want to, but your head just keeps searching for whether you already know this or reject it. Whereas your brain is the most important tool for perceiving your reality. Everything your brain believes, you perceive. If you can make your brain believe different things, you will see how your world changes around you. However, if your brain holds on to all the limiting stories and beliefs, you won't get anywhere. Time to let go of old programmes and limitations to start experiencing a new reality. Step in and re-programme your brain first, clean all your cells of the pollution we pick up from the air, the food, the water. With clean brain cells, we can receive so much more. More information, more insights, more possibilities, more growth and also more abundance, joy and relaxation. With clean brain cells, you have a nice cleaned-up 'computer' that can process so much faster, easier and more information for you. Your brain is worth it. You are worth it. Here lies the foundation for everything else you may go on to discover and receive. Make a huge shift and you'll see how much is already changing.

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